New Arrivals

Caramel Delight

Experience our caffeine free Rooibos, a South African tea crafted from the red bush and infused with a gentle caramel flavor
15 sachets | Type: Rooibos | Caffeine: None

Ingredients: Rooibos Tea & Natural Caramel flavor

Amelia's Adventure

This exquisite features premium Ceylon black tea infused with the tropical sweetness of coconut, tartness of the raspberry pieces and the zesty brightness of the orange peels.

3 oz | Type: Black | Caffeine: High

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea with coconut, raspberry pieces, and orange peels.

Earl Grey Zest

A refreshing Earl Grey blend with a zesty and exhilarating fresh citrus aroma and with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor
3 oz | Type: Black | Caffeine: High

Ingredients: Black Tea, Orange Natural Bergamot Flavor & Blue Cornflowers

Ginseng Green

A blend of rejuvenating ginseng and fresh green tea, with a hint of dried ginger and a pleasant aroma of fresh grass and subtle spices, with a sweet earthy note
3 oz | Type: Green | Caffeine: Moderate

Ingredients: Green Tea, Natural Ginseng Flavor & Ginger

Thai Fusion

Our Thai Tea blends black tea, milk, and sugar,traditionally served iced with coconut milk.
3 oz | Type: Black | Caffeine: High

Ingredients: Black tea, honeybush tea, apple pieces, cardamom, coconut, natural vanilla flavor, safflower & natural coconut flavor